FBI SOlutions for Administrative Program Services

Xcelerate Solutions offers program management and administrative support services to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other entity within the Department of Justice through the SOlutions for Administrative & Program Services (SOAPS) contract vehicle. We qualify as a small business for this contract vehicle.

Program management support includes analysis of the performance of ongoing programs and projects, helping organizations gauge how programs and projects are performing with regard to cost, schedule, and performance parameters.  Xcelerate personnel support meetings, draft documents, review documents, correspond with government agencies and other contractors, and provide other services, such as risk assessment, program/project management, quality assurance, technical evaluation, and requirements definition.

Xcelerate offers a wide variety of administrative support, such as preparing and conducting briefings, documentation and template development, business process development, management, and program analysis, as well as general administrative assistance.

Task Orders won include support for the National Data Exchange (N-DEx) program and the Private Sector Engagement Program (PSEP).

BPA:  DJF-14-1200-S-0006497

Period of Performance:  02/10/2014 through 04/10/2019

For more information on the services Xcelerate offers under the FBI SOAPS contract vehicle, please contact us at (703) 462-1500.