Engineered for Rapid Results

Where are your bottlenecks? What consistently inhibits your agency’s momentum and progress?

As a team of business acceleration specialists, Xcelerate exists solely to remove the barriers that prevent Government organizations from achieving success. Our experience has taught us that most organizational barriers that our clients encounter require more than one key to unlock performance and accelerate results. We’ve engineered an entire suite of services and solutions around these areas to find the combination of keys that unlocks your potential and delivers swift results. Our rapid delivery, CMMI- and ISO-certified processes are engineered to integrate tools, people, methodologies, and success metrics.

Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Xcelerate Solutions’ Project, Program & Portfolio Management (3PM) approach is the centralized management of processes, methods, and technologies used to analyze and collectively manage projects.

Enterprise Process Management

Accelerating results begins with our Enterprise Process Management (EPM) solutions. We optimize efficiency and performance across organizations through process redesign, organizational transformation, and efficient use of enabling technology.

Enterprise Technology & Innovation

Xcelerate’s Enterprise Technology & Innovation (ETI) team focuses on the bottlenecks that impede agency-wide IT progress. From modernizing legacy systems and cost-effectively deploying new complex applications to protecting information assets and transforming data centers, we accelerate the integration and delivery of technical solutions aligned to your agency’s strategic needs.