Systems Engineering and Integration

Systems Engineering and Integration

Xcelerate Mission Success

Eliciting detailed user requirements and developing systems using an Agile approach to validate functionality before moving to the next requirement, maximizing success.

Unlock Your Potential

Government agencies must work faster, share overwhelming amounts of information, collaborate across departments, and do more with less. Xcelerate Solutions’ Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) services helps clients quickly overcome these complex challenges to arrive at compliant, cost-effective, and integrated solutions.

By providing an accurate lifecycle view of your programs, based on well-defined requirements, we dramatically improve your risk management, flexibility, decision-making, collaboration across program boundaries, and agency leadership control over processes, while reducing program and performance risk.

Rely on Our Expertise

Our teams employ comprehensive and iterative processes that facilitate speed, efficiency, and effectiveness to deliver the SE&I services you require throughout your project lifecycle. Our services include System Engineering, System Integration, and Performance Engineering.


Systems Engineering

This service offering provides policy, analysis, design, and verification tools, techniques, and support that deliver the benefits of systems engineering principles that are compatible with prominent Agile software development methodologies. Our specific services include requirements management, governance, Integrated Product Teams, Agile management, and test and evaluation.

System Integration

Our adaptive set of proven tools and methodologies enable rapid and effective integration of information systems elements—People, Processes, Software, and Systems. We combine business process expertise with a team of programming, application, and database practitioners to provide the full range of technical integration.  Our experienced systems integration team delivers the benefits of expertise garnered from a range of industries and professions. 

Are you performing at your BEST?

Are you…

  • Trying to translate operational requirements into configured systems?
  • Searching for an Agile approach with the benefits of structured Systems Engineering practices?
  • Attempting to find robust methods of managing technical and performance risks?
  • Looking for ways to manage requirements to ensure that solutions meet operational needs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could benefit from Xcelerate’s SE&I Solutions.

Contact us to learn more and arrange an Xceleration Assessment to move your organization forward.

Performance Engineering

Our Performance Engineers focus on the ability of systems to meet their non-functional requirements for test and validation, enabling analysis of specific criteria used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific behaviors. These criteria may address a property the end product must possess, the standards by which it must be created, or the environment in which it must exist.  Our evaluation covers a broad set of factors affecting availability, usability, maintainability, extensibility, scalability, reusability, security, and transportability.