BPA: 70SBUR18A00000003
Period of Performance: 04/11/2018 through 04/10/2023

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its components are seeking services that will assist our united organizations in best practices and solutions that enable Agile delivery. The government requires Agile experts with strong technical backgrounds to serve as leading contributors to the successful implementation of next generation web-based applications and systems infrastructure, focusing on automation, availability and performance, and efficiency at scale. The government expects delivery and implementation of reliable and resilient continuous delivery solutions to the DHS component project teams and to build quality into the code by finding defects as they are created but not when they are reported.

Services for Enabling Agile Delivery (SEAD) is required to assist programs in researching and implementing emerging technology and development methods and recommend its applicability to DHS components. The SEAD requirement requires extensive ability and hands-on mentorship and teaching in the use of continuous delivery technology and Agile/lean processes. The SEAD team will immerse themselves in existing Agile teams and apply innovative thinking in novel and unique situations and to increase the adoption of Agile and continuous delivery within DHS components.

Through the SEAD BPA, Xcelerate provides delivery support that will allow DHS components to acquire hands-on coaching services in design and use of modern development techniques and best practices to better align with the DHS Digital Strategy.

For more information on the services Xcelerate offers under the DHS SEAD BPA, please contact us at +1 703 462 1500